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Playing under the table

Once Wilhelm Steinitz played an easy game with amateur, who was secretly assisted by his friend, a good chess player. He pressed his foot under the table, if the move that he was going to do was successful. Steinitz guessed their plan and come up with an insidious trap: when an opponent in anticipation of the signal once again stretched his hand, he pressed his foot. The enemy thought that assistant gave the sign, made his move and then got the mat.

Position is repeated three times

Paul Keres was giving the session of simultaneous game. When he made a move on the one of cheesboards: 1.е2-е4, he discovered that pawn again in the initial position by his return in second time. Keres moved a pawn to e4 again. However, going to the same board for the third time, Grandmaster saw vicious pawn on e2 field. Not understanding what was happening, Keres decided to look at his opponent again while moving a pawn on the e4. Opposite the grandmaster was sitting 85-year-old amateur with the cunning face. When he saw a pawn on the e4, amateur joyfully exclaimed: "Draw! Position is repeated three times".


I change
A horse in the center for two pawns in different parts of the chessboard.

Second place in the match against any opponent (including G. Kasparov).

Figures from flank to flank.

Watch with a guarantee from time trouble.

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Filidor’s answer

Louis XVI (1757-1793) invited the strongest chess player in the world Filidor, his subject, that he taught him to play chess. Six months later, Louis wanted to learn how master estimates his game.
"Your majesty, - said Filidor - all players can be divided into three classes: those who do not know how to play, those who play poorly and those who play well. You, your Majesty, belong to the second class ".

Branded joke

Tal Had a lot of branded jokes that he liked to say in the company of his friends. Here is one of those that he used often ... after midnight: "Waiter! Change a companion!"

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