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hess is a game that develops logical thinking, attention and memory, promotes imagination and creativity, fosters commitment, autonomy in decision making, enhances intellectual development and general human culture. Typically, children who know how to play chess, far better educated in school.

The purpose of our school is to interest those who wanting to learn the game of chess, to help in development of personal skills, open the interesting world of black and white kingdom to everyone, to familiarize with the partners rules of conduct during a chess game, to teach children to act in accordance with these rules during a chess game.

Activity of chess school - club considers the experience of chess schools in the world, advanced learning technologies, introduces children with other intelligent games.

An important aspect of training is the activity of the children when they observe, compare, classify, group, draw conclusions, find out the laws.

It`s not important whether your child will choose a chess career or any other - anyway chess will be your loyal companions throughout life, it can help Your child in choosing the right solution in any situation.

Children, who learned to play chess, understand how their life is brighter. They have a lot of smart friends and always can spend time with fun.

„I learned to play chess at age of 6, and even now, doing professionally for over 30 years, I find some new ideas on which not get tired to work,” - emphasizes Vasyl Ivanchuk.

Vasyl Ivanchuk’s Chess School – Club has began its work since January 2012.

Happy journey into the world of chess!

asyl Ivanchuk’s Chess School–Club - is a real godsend for those who want and willing to teach their children the art of chess.

Our goals are:

  • to improve the intellectual development of preschool and school-age children in Lviv and Ukraine;
  • to spread the popularity of chess;
  • to win medals in Ukrainian, European and World junior championships;
  • to prepare the athletes of high – level for teams of city, region, Ukraine;
  • to restore the glorious traditions of recognized in the world Lviv chess school;
  • to promote individual athlete’s formation as a citizen, a patriot, a man of high moral and volitional qualities.


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